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Secret 55 Action





All talk and no action.  Something you say about people you do not respect but could this be you?  Are you always planning to lose weight or read more, but just never get around to it?

There are hundreds, even thousands of self help books which really work but you still seem to be drifting through life with little improvement and wonder why.  It is because no matter how intelligent you are and no matter how informed you may be, if you do not take action then this information becomes useless.

Everyone loves to be entertained and with TV and the internet we can do that for hours every day.  The thing is this, is being happy in front of a TV satisfying, and do you feel better about yourself and life afterwards?  Or do you do it because you would be bored out of your mind otherwise.

Maybe you are stuck in a rut or trapped or blocked.  What ever the reason it is, it is keeping you from finding long lasting and fulfilling happiness.  If you are not sure why you seem to be incapable of taking action and improving yourself then click on one of the three links above.

We learn by hearing or reading, followed by contemplation and by writing down the idea or telling others what we have learned.  But to make it real we must not take action on what we have learned.

We all do the first thing which is reading or hearing but without pondering what you have read you do not store it as well in your memory and the process of explaining or teaching others really makes this learned information useful.  Then last but not least, you need to practice what you have learned.  This will put you on a better path to understanding and happiness, which we all desire, but often do not take action to achieve.
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