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Secret 20 Addiction





Ever notice how much easier bad habits are to have than good habits? 

Addiction is simply a bad habit. It may take more than just good intentions to lick addictions, it may take friends, professionals, or even alternative medicines.  There is no personal problem too hard to solve, but not even a small habit, can be overcome without a conscious effort and physical work.

Start practicing on a small bad habit and learn from it to gain confidence.   Practice makes perfect is not just a saying it is great advice.

Many time we need to create a good habit to over come a bad one.  Like always brushing your teeth first thing in the morning before anything else.  That way we do not forget to brush them later when we are ready to leave for work.  It becomes a good habit.

Other times we really need a friend or family member to help us because we are not even aware of them when.  A friend or family member can remind us each time we start doing something we have chosen to stop.  The added benefit is that we all hate for anyone to tell us anything and this gives us more incentive to stop the bad habit a quickly as possible.

The tendency to resist any form of help, especially from close friends and family is also a bad habit but much harder to overcome. You should hold off on that one until you have experience in overcoming a few easier habits to first.

An added benefit from over coming small bad habits is the self esteem and confidence you begin to experience.  It is always very satisfying to be in control of your own destiny.

There are many other secrets or tools at this site which you can use to help over come bad habits and as you read these other secrets, think about how they might apply to addiction.  If you come across a particularly stubborn habit then you can find a different approach in many of the other 72 secrets.  Often seeing things from a slightly different perspective can make a big difference.

If you are asked to help others over come addictions or bad habits then first help them by being understanding.  Then, if they accept your help or support, you should only make small suggestions which can be easily accepted.  Little by little you can help someone, help themselves, but you can never do the work for them. They must ask and not be overwhelmed or you will always fail.

Over coming even a few minor bad habits will lead to a significant improvement in your over all happiness.  Over coming a really bad addiction will transform your life for ever.
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