72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 56 Anger





Anger destroys happiness not in the person or thing our anger is direct toward, but to the person who got angry.  One makes a mistake to think that anger is a release of emotion which is beneficial as opposed to holding the anger in.  That misses the point entirely because the only issue here is that you have lost control of your emotions and are inflicting deep wounds to your self esteem and happiness.

Anger is a red flag that you should pay close attention to.  You need to reflect on what triggered the anger and how you - yourself - are to blame not an exterior person or event.  Truly happy folks never lose their temper so they are lacking the triggers that set you off.

What are those triggers, how did they start, and why can't you get rid of them?  These are all questions that only you can answer.  The best time to examine and find out where these triggers are, how they started, and why they are still around is to immediately think about what just happened when you realize you are angry.  You must first understand that it is your bad reaction; you must take responsibility for losing your cool no matter what happened to trigger it and become aware of the true reason that you lost it.

The secret tool that you should use is Stuck, it helps you learn how to become proactive instead of reactive.  Happiness is all about be proactive and anger is the great bearer to that peace of mind. 
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