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Secret 37 Aware





It is important to see the big picture so that we are not caught up in the details.  Like a slight of hand, life distracts us constantly from our goals and the pursuit of happiness.  We make plans sort of like New Years Eve Resolutions and forget about them as quickly as we make them.  And I am not talking about plans like, I want to be rich!  I mean plans like how to become rich or successful.

True wisdom is in staying aware of the big picture and how to navigate the details so that our day to day efforts become fruitful.  It is knowing how to stay on course and making constant progress towards our goals.  If we are not sure why we are struggling all the time with nothing to show for it then we need to strategize and make corrections but we must stay aware of the trap that details present.

Planting a seed is an example of being aware.  We may know that planting a seed in the ground is how to grow a plant but unless we prepare the soil and water and feed the plant each day, it will soon or die or never even sprout. 

Mistakes can be seen a positive if we learn from them, but doing nothing because we are afraid of mistakes will kill any goal we might have.  If we plan a seed and do everything right for a while and then get lazy we learn that once you start something you must follow through or all your efforts will be lost.  The big pictures says, "I get it, if I want to grow plants I either need to take care of it every day or get help so that it will continue getting the attention it needs to grow.  You learned from your mistake and either decided to no longer grow plants or if you do, to commit yourself the their needs.

The big picture says that you need to regard each detail because good or bad there is always future consequences.  Over coming obstacles, while unpleasant, leads to greater understanding and progress.  Success sometimes happens without obstacles and while good does not teach you much.  Say you studied the stock market a little and made a semi intelligent choice on a stock that ended up doubling your investment.  You might think that was easy and make another investment that ends up losing.  The second investment was more educational because you will now realize that there is more to learn before you invest again.

There is a rock and role song that says,
"You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today. 
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. 
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun."

Wake up!  Get ready, set, GO!
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