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Secret 33 Badness





Why are small children bad? 90% of the time it is to get attention.  We all have some of that child left inside of us that needs to be seen and cared about.  As a parent I learned that I needed to teach my children the difference between bad attention and good attention.  The good attention takes more effort and or skill while bad attention just seems to happen effortlessly.

Just consider how much more work and effort go into creating a beautiful painting as compared to ripping it up and throwing in it into the trash.  For that matter it is more difficult to make anything than to destroy it.

So badness is really just laziness.  Why is laziness so bad?  Doesn't it sometimes lead to good?  Have you ever heard the expression, "Laziness is the mother of invention."?  That expression is an oxymoron.
Like 'open secret' or 'pretty ugly', invention takes great effort and understanding.  It probably means that people will buy products to make life easier.

Why is an easier life so bad?  Isn't that a common goal of most human beings?  Yes, most folks do seek an easier life but not because it is the wise path or the best path.  The more you look at what makes life good and what happiness is, the more you realize that doing less is not the best way to approach life.

If you make something then you gain satisfaction and pride while often when things are given to you there is a sense of shame and worthlessness.  If you need attention, which we all do, then do something constructive for that attention instead of yelling or breaking things.  How can badness improve your life?  It can not, it may get you a little attention but it will not be the kind that you are looking for.
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