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We are the masters of our universe.  We alone choose who we are, what we do, how we act, how happy or sad we become.  No prison or political system or external source of any kind makes these decisions for us; we decide; we are responsible for everything and everyone in our life.

Yet in today's entitlement culture and abundance we want to blame everyone and everything but our selves for where we are and who we are.  We are unhappy and know someone else must be to blame.  

What are the reasons that we so easily fall from power to hopeless dependency?  It is simply that we are not paying attention and not studying our situation and we do not do these things because it takes effort and it is uncomfortable.  Most of us will always relax or try to coast along rather that work, after all how can work be fun or give us happiness?

It is a trap, a blockage to lasting happiness to believe anyone but yourself is responsible for your well being.  So the next question is, what can you do about it in a practical way?

Did you ever have a friendship that started great but little by little certain subjects or interests became off limits.  Like for instance you found that taking about religion or politics always ended in disagreement.  Even if this does not end up breaking your friendship it certainly limits it.  The same can be said about personal walls.  Places we will not go or feel to uncomfortable to think about.  All these walls end up blocking us from progress towards happiness.

First step, acknowledge that there is a problem and that you are solely responsible for solving.  Begin to identify your uncomfortable ness and reluctance to certain situations and relationships.  Zero in on something that you know would make you a happier better person if you could just unblock and tear down the wall that you have created in a particular instance or situation. 

Then do something proactive about it.  You do not need to turn over a new leaf, just take a baby step or two and attempt at improving something that is holding you back or a blockage.  If you find yourself always miserable in traffic then acknowledge that it is your problem, identify that your misery is coming from your intolerance to being stuck in traffic, find something to make it a little bit better.  Change your route, or time of day, or listen to a audible book, or just relax with the knowledge that you do not need to do anything but relax and enjoy being away from work.

Instead of constantly putting up new walls, try tearing a few down.  It will be different for everyone but the steps are the same.  By systematically finding and eliminating walls and obstacles to your happiness you will quickly discover greater happiness than you ever believed possible. 
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