72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 4 Caught in Obsessive Thoughts
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 2000 years ago.





Obsessive thoughts include anxiety, fear, pessimism, uncertainty, worry and jealousy.  They take over our minds and catch us in a bottomless downward spiral of wasted thoughts. Another word for this type of mental activity is selfish ego.

Why does good seem better than bad, yet bad always seems easier?  You can live a good life and one lie told about you can take years to recover from. It almost seems like bad is more powerful somehow and that instant gratification and cheap shots are the pathway to power and success.  What is going on here?

There is a great analogy to explain this and it is how a light bulb works.  Imagine what would happen if you took a couple of live wires from the electrical outlet and touched them together.  There would be a large pop, some smoke, and then the breaker would trip to prevent a fire.  Exciting, powerful, instantaneous and dangerous.

The difference is that inside of a light bulb there is a wire called a filament which offers resistance to the electricity and this resistance produces light.  The breaker does not trip and the excitement and danger are all but eliminated.

Judgment is like a short circuit which gives momentary satisfaction, but often causes great harm to the person judged and the person judging.  The reason is because if your mind is making a determination about someone else's behavior then that judgment is also holding you to the same standard whether you realize it or not.  You are actually your own worst critic and criticizing others makes you better at criticizing yourself.  On the other hand thinking good thoughts of others will help you think highly of yourself.  It just works that way and that is why it is said that 'what goes around comes around.'

The same goes for all obsessive-compulsive behavior, the more you practice it the better you become at doing it.  All good things like the taming of electricity to create light need resistance.  You need to resist sweets to loose weight, you need to resist drugs and alcohol to achieve happiness.  It goes on and on, but the essence is this.  Quick decisions - ie. reactions are mostly dangerous and lead to bad behaviors that keep you caught in negativity and despair. 

Good ego is created by having good thoughts about others and giving them the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.  You cannot know the circumstances leading to how others arrive at the place where you are observing them.  Innocent until proven guilty is not just for court rooms. 

Doing good and thinking good thoughts is a lot harder than just reacting and taking short cuts, but is definitely one of the secrets to happiness and prosperity.
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