72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 26 Chaos





Chaos is not a problem of the physical world.  A fire or flood may be just what the physical world needs to exist and thrive.  So what is Chaos?  It is a mental or consciousness attribute which describes loss of control over goals and values.

You are hungry until you eat and then even the finest meal does not interest you until your hunger returns.  You have great needs and desires which completely vanish once you obtain them.  You believe that once you acquire something that your life will be full of joy, but in fact those needs and desires are simply replaced by new ones and you remain un-satisfied. 

There are two realities, physical and mental.  We are born in the world as babies dependent on physical needs that mean the difference of life or death.  Little by little we realize that milk is not the only way to satisfy our hunger and crying is not the only way to get attention.  Our consciousness begins to grow and learning becomes as important as eating.

But like anything new, learning loses it's excitement, exploration eventually seems meaningless, and boredom takes their place.  Boredom is not a physical characteristic but leads all of us into chaos.  Boredom causes us to look for physical ways back to the bliss of  fulfillment and happiness most of us experienced in childhood.

But physical things cannot help us in any way to overcome boredom or chaos because they are transitory.  Once we have them we do not need them.  What we need is not in the physical world but in the conscious mental world.  That is what these secrets including this one are giving you, a way to overcome chaos and boredom.  The very meaning of being alive and how things are not the answer.

The number one tool or secret is giving without expecting physical reward or recognition.  Both rob us of the satisfaction and growth that giving offers.  Think for a moment of a world where everyone gave freely.  Of course that will never happen but you can have a circle of friends or family that all share freely and just think how nice that would be.  It can only happen if at least one person in the group shows by example. (See my blog post, Be a Teacher not a Preacher!)

Think of the chaos that could be avoided in you life if someone, anyone, would just care about you enough to give you something from time to time without strings.  You would see how the mental conscious growth, maturity, and wisdom are the secrets to true long lasting and fulfilling happiness.
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