72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 71 Choice





Every movie about time travel demonstrates how just one change to the past completely changes the future.  Every decision you make will change not only your future but the entire world's future.  These choices can either make our lives and the lives around us better or worse.

These decisions also effect lasting happiness.  Just doing things for short term happiness leads to what I refer to as a short term happiness addiction similar to a drug addition and in fact in some case is a drug addiction.  Addictions kill long term happiness because they are so short lived and get harder and harder to create.  They prevent you from taking advantage of of opportunities because you are too busy satifying short term goals to have time for investing in your future.

Just be aware that every decision is important and has real consequences and you will be a lot closer to being able to make the right decisions that will end up making your life great and full of joy and happiness.
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