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Secret 39 Create





Unless you have a problem there is no need to invent a way to solve it.  We are all inclined to do nothing when we are happy and comfortable.  It takes a problem to motivate us into action.  Instead of dreading problems we should look on them as motivation and realize that when we over come the problem we will be better off for the effort.

You do not have to look for problems because they are all around you ever day, you simply need to welcome them and try to solve them, one at a time.  Most will do everything but work on a problem until they have complained enough and tried to ignore the problem and tried to get someone else to solve it for them, but the real accomplishment of solving your problems can only come from taking personal responsibility for you own happiness and realizing that solving daily problems is the key to finding fulfilling happiness.

No one just creates things or relationships or solutions without a need.  Need is always in the form of something you do not have and requires work to obtain.  Problems are just another name for need and solving them is the source of creative thinking.  So, instead of trying to avoid all your problems be thankful for them and create opportunity for yourself and your happiness by the effort of over coming life's obstacles.
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