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Secret 54 Death





As you may know or not know, these 72 secrets are based upon the 72 Names of God: Technology for the Soul a book written by Yehuda Berg.  He based it on his studies of Kabbalah and in particular the Zohar.  It is my contention that this ancient wisdom was written by Jews for Jews and thus in their language and culture.  It does not invalidate the truth and wisdom it just colors it with Jewish culture.  The original teachers of this wisdom knew that it had to be understood and accepted in order to have any influence so they encoded the truth in Jewish culture sort of like 'a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.' 

The story of how the 72 Names was discovered is quite interesting but I am not going into it here.  Yehuda Berg discovered the source of the 72 names and realized their importance so he spent many years researching each of the names to see what each meant.  Also, being a Kabbalist, which is not the same as Jewish, he wanted to reveal these names to everyone on earth not just Jews.

With most of these names I am able to filter out the religious and cultural flavor in this mental technology; but in the case of Death, I am left without a clue.  You need to believe in life after death in order to make any sense of it.  If I had to guess I would say that it is worrying about death while you are still alive is not a source of happiness and non productive.  It might mean that searching for the fountain of youth is a sure way to miss out on living.

If anyone out there has an idea that they think should be included in this secret please leave some feedback.  I would really appreciate any input on this or any other of the 72 secrets.
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