72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 16 Depressed?





Without depression there would be no happiness.  That is to say we might be doing things that would make us happy but not knowing that happiness is a better state than some other state such as depression we would not experience happiness only existence.  We compare things to see what they are.  There cannot be moving up with out moving down or you would simply be moving.

Further more the more depression you sometimes feel the greater the happiness when the depression goes away.  So to experience great happiness you must go through great depression to compare your sense of happiness to.

The problem is that sometimes we get stuck in depression and often it is like a downward spiral of events that just seem to over whelm our ability to get out of it.  At those time a person cannot be told to think optimistically or that things will get better because they are too deeply depressed to believe in anyone or anything.  The only way is when the person begins to remember something or some time in their past when things were better and then let that memory help them.

That is the way some drugs that are offered for depression work.  You weaken short term memory and reduce anxiety and/or pain so that the mind can remember better times.  But many of the drugs are dangerous and often addicting so the best thing is to try and change or break the cycle by physically removing a person from the depressing surroundings.

If the depression is happening to you and no one is willing or able to help you and removing yourself from the cycle is not practical then there is a real chance of permanent harm or even death.  You would not be reading this paragraph if that were the case because a seriously and isolate person with depression is not capable of reading self help literature because they have lost all faith and hope.

If you see yourself heading in that direction then it is not too late to change your surroundings, do something you have never done before.  Go somewhere you would never normally go.

Normally depression is one phase of a loss.  Where it is the loss of life, income, statue, friends or what ever, you must mourn the loss.   To make things more complicated we are all in several of these mourning processes at once ranging from extremely minor to major but each has five distinct phases.

1 Denial and Isolation -  2 Anger -  3 Bargaining -  4 Depression - 5 Acceptance

As you can see Depression is near the end and often happiness follows soon after acceptance.  Accept your depression as a gift to your soon to achieve greater happiness it is the cycle of life.  Try to keep your loses to a minimum by not getting so invested in things that can be lost.  Of course some loses cannot be foreseen or avoided but many can and there are better ways to find happiness than at the end of a mourning cycle.
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