72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 10 Shuning the Evil Eye





Eyes have significantly more power than words.  It is like a direct communication from one mind to another mind with no deception or filters or restraints.  If you look at a person with disappointment then the message is received bluntly and immediately.  If your look is jealousy, envy, hatred or distaste then these looks are sometimes referred to as an evil eye.  And believe it or not the more evil eyes you give to others the more evil eyes will return the favor.

You will not be able to hide your feelings so it is important to realize this and work on trading in your prejudice and opinions for openness and acceptance.  Not as easy as it might sound but when approving, accepting eyes are received by others then approving accepting eyes are sent back.

So how do we change?  It goes back to the reactive - proactive formula.  When you see an ugly person and have some reaction, like slob, or dumb, or sad; whatever, realize that you are reacting to that person and we all react so no harm done.  Now that you have recognized that you are reacting, you should ask yourself, is my reaction appropriate to the situation or am I just mindlessly having a knee jerk reaction that is harmful to myself and the person I may be looking at?  We all have an inner voice that always knows the correct answer whether we are willing to follow it's advice or not. 

So if you realize you are giving an evil eye and do not want the negative results that this type of look will always generate, then quickly think of something more accepting about the person.  Like - they are probably really nice, or maybe a personal situation has made them look worse than they normally do.  Anything will do so long as it is positive and the evil eye will turn gentle.  Realize that if you are in a public place then others are watching you as well and when they see your looks they get a good picture of how nice or mean you really are.

By practice you will get better and faster at catching your reactions and quickly turn them into positive energy and communications that will make everyone around you more comfortable and supportive.  This type of positive - proactive thinking will ensure lasting and meaningful happiness.
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