72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 67 Expect





Expect the best do not settle for less.  Sounds good but lets take a closer look.  When you expect something then you are making a judgment about what is delivered.  The only problem is that judgment is like a boomerang and always come back to you.  Judgments are normally directed away from yourself and often done to prop your own importance and intelligence but really they are rules you are making for yourself and that you will be judged by.  They limit your opportunities and lower your self esteem and IQ.

Not only that, but because expectation almost always fall short they lead to a life of unhappiness and disappointment.  Cousins of expect are hope a and plans.  Do not confuse plans with dreams!  Plans are where you expect a result and work to make it happen, dreams are inspiration to do what ever it takes to reach satisfaction and happiness.  Hope is disappointment on loan with interest.

Fulfillment and happiness can only be gotten by taking our focus away from results and expectations.  One must instead work at resisting impulsive reactionary robot responses, which surround us and fill every hour of our lives; by doing this we will see the opportunities that are all around us and realize our dreams.  If not we will be blinded to these opportunities and end up miserable and disappointed.

You can replace expect with certainty that if you stop expecting opportunity then opportunity will find you because you do not limit your opportunities to what you expect them to look like.
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