72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 18 Fertility





Fertility is a condition where the environment is correct and suitable for the creation of life, a job, a friend, a soul mate, or anything which did not existed before.  For babies you need a male and female who can create the environment and ingredients necessary for birth.  Plants need bees, jobs need skills and an employer.

If nothing ever seems to work and you are not going everywhere then your environment and ingredients are not fertile and there will be no progress.  Some say they are lucky or unlucky but there really is no such thing as being lucky.  Life is full of random events and it is all too easy to say that you had bad luck when things did not go your way or good luck when they do.  Ask someone who you think is lucky all the time and they will tell you that they earned it. 

Two men are trying to get the same job, one dropped out of high school the other finished.  The one that finished is more likely to get the job because the employer knows it took more discipline to graduate and the graduate will be a more reliable worker.  It was not luck or being in the right place, it was the positive environment that the graduate worked for and found himself in so that when an opportunity did present itself that he could take advantage of it.

That example may seem too simple at first glance but it applies to every aspect of living.  You find opportunities - opportunities do not find you.  If your life is fertile to be hired then you will be hired, if you are a good and loyal person then you will have no problems finding friends.  But first you need to create the fertile environment so that when the opportunity presents itself you will be ready.

It is never too late to turn your luck around.  That is the biggest problem with naming it luck, it seems you do not have control over what is happening.  The truth is you are in absolute complete control of everything and in fact you are responsible for everything in your life.

You choose where to live, what to eat, who to be friends with, and what to learn.  If you have a problem believing this then read the secret named Trapped.  It will help free you from the prison you have put yourself in and begin building a new and better life.  Once you take control and stop blaming luck you will start experiencing long lasting true happiness.
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