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Secret 38 Flow





Go with the flow.  Sounds like good advice, but what is the flow and why does it make sense to go with it?  No man is an island.  What that means is that you cannot survive in this world without some contact and help from others. You cannot grow all your own food, sew all your own cloths and build your own home without the consent of your neighbors.  It turns out that the more you share and interact with everyone, the easier life becomes and the happier you feel.

To go against the flow is to interact with others in a way other than how they would prefer so they will hold back some of their help.  It is being out of tune with trends and acceptable behaviors, it does not mean you cannot succeed or accomplish your goals, it just means it will be harder because you will not get as much help.

So back to the original statement; Go with the flow.  That is not only the easiest way but often the best and most fulfilling way to succeed in life.  It means you help others do what they want and they help you do what you want.  You like them they like you.

In this modern world we often lose sight of that basic fact.  We have become greedy and selfishly grab everything we can for ourselves alone.  We believe that doing favors for others, takes away from what we have.  In fact the more we give the more we receive so long as our motives are not wrong.

If you give simply because you expect to receive something in return then it is not really giving and it does not go well with the flow of life.  Giving unselfishly without expecting a return is going with the flow and others will notice your kindness and be more than happy to share with you when they can.  As apposed to avoiding you and not helping you even if you really need help.

To be happy you need friends and success which can only be obtained by unselfish giving.
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