72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 49 Fulfilled





Pleasure is derived from physical desire is short lived.  As soon as the physical act or contact is removed our pleasure goes away and we are left as empty, searching for more pleasure.  Happiness and fulfillment derive from a mental process where we feel accepted, and confident in our space.

These two concepts are both very important and true happiness depends on a balance between the two.  If you do not like yourself or respect yourself it is impossible to enjoy food, love or power.  If you have no physical desires then you have no motivation for self improvement or enlightenment.

The secret here is that you must start with the mental process first allowing yourself physical pleasure as reward for good behavior.  There is a saying, "desperation always leads to failure".  It means that if your physical possessions and pleasure are lacking, so you work harder and harder at filling your physical needs, then pleasure will never come.  If you give when you think there is nothing to give and reflect on the good that you have in your life then pleasure and possessions will find you and you will feel true fulfillment.
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