72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 68 Ghosts





Most of what we know was given to us by folks that have long since died.  Shakespeare, Einstein, and even people you never heard of have contributed to the accumulated intelligence and knowledge that we mostly take for granted.

You and I will also contribute something even if just as a statistic.  It all adds up and in the future there will be even more accumulative knowledge because of our existence.  So the meaning of life may be that life itself is a kind of organism which is constantly growing and we maybe just a cell of an organ to this humanistic organism but we all matter for good or bad. 

By instinct we want to survive first and we want mankind to survive second.  It only makes sense that for mankind to survive and grow we would want to be a positive force and not a negative force to that end.

Your happiness is directly tied to that instinct for survival and the more you help others and mankind the happier you will be.  Ghosts are remnants of ourselves remembered by others after we are gone.  Our life force our essence has a small bit of immortality in the way that we are remembered.
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