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Secret 27 Giving





Almost nobody thinks that giving is a bad thing but it often is.  Giving money to a homeless guy standing out side a grocery store, not only encourages such behavior but the money is often used to buy cigarettes or alcohol or even drugs.  You may feel good about yourself after you give but it does not make you a good person.

Lets examine this a little closer.  When you think you have more than someone else and then give them a little change which you believe they really need to survive, what have you really done?  You have judged another human being by generalizing who they are, what they are like, and how worthy you believe they might be.  You are thinking about how poor and pathetic they are and how glad you are that you are not in their situation.

Judgment is a happiness killer.  When we judge others we are actually judging ourselves and are not even aware of it.  We are thinking how well off we are or how much better we are but it is definitely a judgement.  You might even justify your judgment as a way of building self esteem or good works.  To get a better understanding of how judgment kill happiness read Secret 44 Judgment.

Good giving does not make judgment and it does not expect any recognition or favor in return.  The only benefit of giving should be the inner joy and happiness that you experience from the act of giving.  Like a mother feeding a child, the mother only wants what is good for her child and gives without concern recognition. 

If you really want to help the homeless then volunteer at a homeless shelter.  If you believe a cause needs help then donate money anonymously.  This type of giving will pay off big time in happiness and success.  The more you take from life the less you value anything, the little you give back to life is priceless.
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