72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 51 Guilt





Guilt is very negative and unnecessary unless you feel no remorse.  It accumulates and eats away your happiness and sense of well being.

You must recall any and every thing you have done in the past that makes you feel guilty.  Not all at once because that would be over whelming  : )

Start with the biggest offenses that you caused to someone or even to yourself and really try to re-experience the event as clearly as possible.  You may have to meditate or self hypnosis in order to understand who you were at the time, how you thought about things and why you believe you were in the wrong and now feel guilt.

You do not need to find the person or company that you stole from or lied about or cheated, etc.  It is really better to let it be and if you have future relations or encounters with those you offended then just treat them with respect and do not repeat or offend them in other ways.

You do need to feel remorse and understand how you acted badly and resolve to be a better person whom does not do bad things to others.  Then you will be able to forgive yourself and like magic the guilt will vanish.

Keep working at it until all guilt has vanished from your memories and you will be a much happier and fulfilled person.
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