72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 29 Hatred





If in a moment of complete honesty to yourself, you find that you harbor anger, envy, malice, or disgust toward any other human being, then you have a degree of hate in your heart.  Further more if you are a normal healthy human being then you had to acknowledge that you indeed have some negative thoughts about others.  This is normal and there is no shame in it, the shame is to those who believe they have no prejudice and feel no hate for they are not being honest with themselves and have no need or desire to improve their condition.

An ancient wise man once wrote the following: "If a person witnesses any form of hatred - on his own street street or anywhere in the world - it means this person still has some measure of hatred lingering in his own soul."  You must know of something to recognize it and if you know of it then you have some of it still in you.  So at least be honest with yourself because denial of anything negative in your life is a happiness killer.  We all need to be growing and improving to be happy or we will be withering and dying.  There is no standing on the fence because even no movement is a lack of growth which is essential to your feeling of well being.

There are many other secrets/tools on this web site as well as thousands of self help books which are at your disposal but you need to first recognize and be aware that you need help or this and other resources will be of no use.  So if you are honest with at least yourself then you must continually seek to improve you condition.  Your happiness lies in the balance and no one but yourself if responsible or has any inclination to help you.  I recommend reading Secret 12 Love for more insight and help into why hatred is such a happiness killer.
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