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Secret 5 Restoring Health





This tool not only will help you with your personal health but includes relationships, and finances that are in poor health.  Illness and poor health are 99% caused by your way of thinking.  Identical twins raised in the same environment, one with healthy thinking and one angry and depressed all the time.  Which one do you suppose had the better health?

Doctors are learning that the mind is very powerful using a placebos.  If the patient thinks the pill will heal them, then many times it will.  I would add that if the patient not only believes but changes the conditions which caused the illness in the first place, that the patient will always get better.

That is the reason why medicine alone does not always work.  You can put a band-aid on a cut but if you keep playing carelessly with knives you will get cut again. So we must eliminate the cause or causes and take our medicine if we truly want to get better.

So what are the causes?  You might think it is the knife or the poison or the food but you would be wrong.  These are all just the tools which inflicted the wound or illness.  The real cause is thinking that you are a victim and failing to take responsibility for your actions.  Blaming someone or something for all your problems so that you do not have to work at being health.  ie. being lazy about your health.

Try to think how you would help an over weight friend if they were willing to actually listen to your advice and then take your own advice.  What would you eat differently, or how would you exercise differently?  Everyone loves giving advice because they know what to do they just do not want to do it themselves.  It is hard work but pays off, being lazy is very easy but causes all suffering in the world.
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