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Secret 13 Heaven on Earth





It's really all in the way you look at something that counts.  Hell on earth and heaven on earth can be the same thing for two different individuals.  When I was much younger I came up with a theory that I called 'The Contrast Theory'.

It went something like this.  Imagine that the entire universe was black.  Now think about what it would be like if you put a white dot in the center of it.  Suddenly there would be something different from the black to compare to.  You would have black that was not white and white that was not black.

Next add dimension to the white dot so that it was a ball and a distance away put a light bulb.  Already the differences are exploding.  The black goes to infinity, the light and the ball have a finite measurable distance.  Light comes from the bulb and reflects off the ball making a bright white side and a dark shadowed side. 

With each new thing added there is a more interesting and varied universe.  But you need something to compare it with to know.  If there were no sorrow could there be joy? (: Religious folks are not allowed to answer that question :)  If there is no up can there be a down?  We need bad things to understand what are good things.

On earth there are infinite variations to observe and mold to fit into our lives.  We can see good and evil and know which we prefer.  The greater the difference the more clearly we can see and choose which we like and which we want to avoid.  But if we eliminated all failure how could we possible know success?

Just imagine if you were a baseball star and every time you came to bat you always hit a home run and your team won every single game.  Would anyone come to see you play?  Probably not because it would be so boring knowing the outcome.

In religious heaven everyone is always well, they do not have to eat or sleep, there are no fights, not even any disagreement, no challenges, no failures.  How can they know they are happy, what can they compare it with?  To my way of thinking religious heaven is death.  A dead person does not have to eat or drink or have a job or worry about anything.

I want to be alive and I believe we are in heaven already, it is just a way of looking at it.  More importantly it is a place of opportunity to experience great joy by knowing about sorrow.  A place where hard work and effort can pay off in long term and lasting happiness.
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