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Secret 3 Need a little help?
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Every now and then you may feel over whelmed and lose confidence in your ability to achieve success, happiness, and fulfillment.  There is a saying that quitters never win and winners never quit.  This little saying contains great wisdom that can free your mental awareness and allow what some would classify as miracles.

Oh yes, miracles do happen but they are not answered prayers to a higher power, they come from meditation which calms the mind and allows it to become aware.  There is a book named Blink that you can read which explains just how to get the most out of being aware, but here is the short version. 

Haven't you sometimes wonder how an answer to a difficult question just seems to come from no where? How you sometimes have brilliant ideas, how even you are impressed by the way you solved a problem?  Yet these moments are few and far between and you may not trust yourself to have the right answer when you need it.  Another example of this is in our daily conversations, sometimes we know exactly what to say and others times we fumble or even say exactly the wrong thing.

We all posses minds that are capable of far more miraculous feats than we will ever know.  Most of the time our minds are processing high resolution color images and complex sounds such as voices that evoke thoughts and desires.  Not to mention our sense of touch and body language or the aroma of a nearby barbeque.  How can our minds do all this processing and still have the wisdom to solve complex problems?

Meditation is the way to free up a large portion of your mental capacity and allow the wisdom that we all posses to come out.  But you cannot just close your eyes in a quiet room and expect an answer.  You must also prepare your mind for the task otherwise it will run freely similar to when you are asleep.

The mind on autopilot will first attend to your senses and then to your obsessions.  Finally it will spend a little time on awareness and wisdom.  We want to flip the process and concentrate on awareness and wisdom.  To do this we need to clear our minds of obsessions like anger, envy, and self-pity.  Anything that your mind seems to race on thinking about over and over again is known as a victim complex.  You will never solve the problem but you just keep going over and over some obsessive thought.

The simplest way to stop any obsession is to become aware that you are being controlled by a particular thought and say to that thought STOP!  Then try to have some pleasant memory to concentrate on so as to distract the obsession for a moment, and finally present the problem to yourself as a question such as how am I going to get the money to pay the rent this month?

Here is the final step in the process.  We often believe we know an answer before we ask it and often our opinions about solving a problem are very pessimistic.  That is because we lack confidence in our own wisdom and because we are normally looking for the easiest way out.  You know the feeling of knowing the correct answer but not doing it because we just do not feel up to it, or it may be embarrassing, or awkward, or something?  But deep in your heart you know what is the right thing to do and it is rarely the easy thing to do.

Now ask yourself - Do I follow my lazy, obsessive, pessimistic nature or do I try to actually solve this problem?  Keep in mind that answers come with a delay, because just like a computer working on a large calculation, your brain needs a little time to come up with the right solution.  Be patient, meditate in a quiet place without a lot of distractions, stop obsessing, think about the problem for a while and then trust that the answer will come.  It may take a couple of days but this will work.  The answer may not be what you expected but when it comes, you will begin believing in miracles.  And the happiness and fulfillment you will have will increase exponentially over time.
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