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If you think having a lot of money automatically creates happiness and security, then explain that to a billionaire who's child is dying of cancer.

The only happiness or security that money can buy is momentary and non fulfilling.  If you did not need to work at all and you just slept late every day, ate only the most gourmet foods, drank only expensive wine and could buy all the expensive cloths you  ever wanted, then you would be happy for a sort honeymoon period of puppy love with your power and money, but soon you would stop appreciating the value of anything and find it harder and harder to be motivated and finding fun ways to spend it.

Research has shown that 90% of lottery winners are poorer and less happy a few years after winning large amounts of money.  Money un-earned brings unhappiness and discontent.  Money earned and especially money saved brings pride and a feeling of well being.

The more you want money the harder it is to get, so concentrate on being happy with what you have and watch how your income either increases or becomes all you need to be happy.  Often it will increase because of the positive energy that you bring to your job or business once money is not the main objective.
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