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Secret 22 Elimiate Bad Influences





Many years ago I took a dating class that was named, 'Why women do not date teddy bears".  The class taught that women were looking for protectors.  Many people find bad friends more exciting because they do not follow the rules and there is excitement from danger.

Parents are concerned whom their children are friends with and who they hang out with because they know the problems that pier pressure and bad habits can cause them.  In fact it is almost always easier to know what is good for others but we never want to hear about what is bad for us.

If I advise you to be more selective about your friends, then you are likely to get angry at me and even pick worse friends just because you can.  Seems funny that bad influence can control your life while good advice is considered insulting and even less likely to be taken after it is given.

Since no one is able to tell you to make better choices then it is up to you to change the way you make friends and associates, and it is up to you to wean away from bad habits and bad influences.  It always seems to come back to the same old line, you and only you are responsible for who you are, where you live, what you believe, and how happy you are.  So how would you rate your success?

If you are not all that happy and find little pleasure in day to day life then you probably are not being very responsible to yourself.  You have bad habits including being friends with all the wrong influences.  Breaking any habit is difficult enough on it's own but letting others influence us in negative ways makes it impossible.

It is as though these bad influences are a ball and chain which even though we have some freedom to the end of our short chain we are still tied down and unable to improve ourselves or our circumstances.  On the other hand a few good influences can lift us out of despair and all kinds of bad habits while increasing our happiness.  This is not brain surgery, get a grip.

Sometimes you just have to say NO.  It takes courage to tell an old but bad friend good buy but soon after you will be wondering why you took so long.  If you cannot get them out of your life because they work with you or are a neighbor you can still stop hanging out with them and having personal conversations with them.

It is up to you, stay the same and suffer the consequences or try taking a little advice from yourself and make a real difference.  You will be amazed at how quickly your life and happiness level improves.
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