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Wouldn't you love to be able to see the future.  You could pick the right lottery numbers, avoid a horrible accident, or know the person you picked to marry is going to be your soul mate.

You really would not be happy though if you knew the future because to know it would mean really that you could not change it.  It would take choice and adventure out of your life.

There is a way though to predict pretty closely the consequences and of our decisions.  It is often called intuition but it is not mystic or psychic.  We all greatly under estimate the power of our own mind to calculate and predict the future.  With the science of statistics and probability a computer can make some remarkable predictions which we take for granted, but our own brains are far more sophisticated and powerful than today's computers, so why don't we have confidence on our own findings?

I am here to tell you stop doubting and start listening.  That little voice inside your head is your guide to success and happiness.  Some would call it your conscious, knowing right from wrong, good from evil.  It is that and more, if you tune in and listen to your intuition or conscious or what ever you call it, then you will make better decisions and avoid all sorts of traps and problems.

It is not quite as easy as just wanting to listen though, we all have a strong ego and when we know something is wrong we may decide to do it anyway just because we want to.  That is to say, doing the right things is not always the most fun or easy way.  So you have a choice, be smart and build a long lasting fulfilling happiness or be ego driven and go for the gusto knowing full well the hang over and misery will soon return.

You see, that little voice inside you is saying that I am right but your ego is saying lets have fun now and put off working on happiness until later.  Working is so dull and for losers, lets party down.  It's your choice.
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