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Secret 24 Jealousy





Jealousy, hardly anyone thinks that jealousy is a good thing, yet we all suffer from it from time to time.  It is not that we do not want others to have a good life with financial security and happy relationships, it is rather our wish that we had all those things as well.  So what is wrong with wanting to have what others have?

Some of the people we envy and are jealous of did nothing to earn what they have.  Their parents were rich or just great parents.  Maybe they were gifted with great talent which was discovered with little or no effort on their part.  Maybe they were just born, very attractive and healthy.  A few actually may have worked very hard over a long period of time.  What difference does it make to you since you are not them?

What is happening to you here is that you are unhappy with yourself.  Jealousy should be a wake up call, letting you know that you have some emotional problems that need attention.  If you are only jealous occasionally when everything in your own life seems to be going wrong that is probably only a symptom of being human.  On the other hand being jealous of everyone all the time, well that is a serious problem of self esteem and only add insult to the beating that you are inflicting on yourself.

Most of us are somewhere in the middle and jealousy should alert us to bad thinking and help us get back on track.  You can never eliminate it completely but it can be used as an indication of how much responsibility we take for our own lives.  The more we believe that others are responsible for our lack of happiness and well being the greater our jealousy will become.

There are many ups and downs to our lives and sometimes it may seem like the whole world is against us but it is no one else's responsibility to help us find happiness.  Not, your friends or parents, not your spouse, not your relatives, not the police, or politicians, only you are responsible for your own frame of mind.  To get more help on how to over come self esteem problems in general please refer to Secret 17 Are You Trapped in a Prison? 

Even Jealousy can be used for positive growth if you understand what it means and where it is coming from.  It alerts you to problems in your personality and mental health so that you can avoid the unhappiness and chaos that will soon follow should you ignore this warn sign.  Being happy requires attention to detail and being constantly on gaurd.
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