72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 44 Judgment





Every judgment brings fear, confusion, anger, anxiety, guilt and shame.  

We makes judgments based on our understanding of reality, either directly or indirectly. Growing up and going to school is all about learning how to judge. The problem is that the knowledge base which we use in make these judgments is extremely limited.

Even scientists know very little about our Universe and what makes it work. Psychologist can tell you every person is unique and has a different background and education.  Therefore our judgments are limited, or downright wrong and misleading.

For example, most people don’t know what happens after death. So they think death is the end and judge it is bad. But nobody actually knows what happens after we die so it may be a good thing.  Many people think having a job is the only way to make a living, so they judge a job loss as a bad. Good things sometimes come out of bad things, so we judge something such as a traffic ticket or job loss as bad.  But maybe the ticket will save our lives by making us more careful and what if we find a much better job we were never even looking for before being fired.

Ego has five ways of expressing itself they are anger, hatred, judgment, control and pride.  It should be apparent from this list that judgment is keeping some pretty bad company.  It locks you into stereotype thinking, and feeds your ego which is all too happy to lash out in anger and arrogance at any moment

We all have judgment but we need to recognize it for the limited truth it provides.  We need to question our judgment and not take it so seriously.  Judgment is opposite to open mindedness.  The more we use it on others the stronger a negative force it becomes in our own lives.

If we see a homeless person and think how much better off we are than them, then we set a standard for ourselves that we can never meet.  We will never be as good as those more fortunate than ourselves and there is always someone who has more of everything than you.

If you see someone steal something and judge them to be less honest than yourself then you will always feel dishonest because we all have moments when we lie or do something not totally honest.  That judgment will come back to haunt you.

All too often judgment is used to make us feel better about ourselves by putting others down.  Gossip is one of the worst forms of judgment and not only destroy personal happiness but everyone else listening and talked about.

The only way you will ever find happiness and contentment with yourself is by gaining control over your ego and that includes your anger, hatred, judgment, control, and pride.  But notice how judgment is right in the middle of this list.  By controlling your judgment you will be much less likely to hate any one and less likely to get angry.  You will be more in control of yourself and realize that pride is just another bad judgment call enabling you to be more humble, content and happy.

Judgment is very difficult to control so use Secret 2 where is explains the four step process for gaining control over anything.
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