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Every think about public opinion?  It is what people talk about and are concerned about and how they feel.  It is words communicated back and forth by everyone.  Some industries and politicians or religions try to sway or form public attention.  These outside forces have some influence but it is what we say in confidence to each other that really defines popular opinion.

You have a choice in the matter and you count.  If you just go along without thought then you give up your vote.  As far as happiness goes, it is in always looking to the good and trying to overcome oppression and hardship.

If you are always negative it effects everyone around you. If there are problems that need to be discussed then there is always a constructive way to solve the problem without being negative. 

Gossip is very negative and destroys community and co-operation.  It is really an ugly form of predudice and hate.  If everyone gossiped all the time we would all be extremely unhappy.

You have one voice but it influences others.  If you gossip and talk negatively others around you will often do the same and it leads to mistrust and unhappiness, if on the other hand you are always positive and supportive and complimentary then those around you will also tend to do the same. In this way at least your corner of the world will be a happier and better place to live in.
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