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Secret 59 Life Line





Insurance in the modern world is a marketing tools for tricking folks into a false sense of safety.  If you loose a leg it does not matter that someone will pay for your emergency room cost, it only matters that you lost the leg.  You would be much better off just having a one savings account that you regularly added to so that you could use it in any emergency.

I only mention this as a point of view and know insurance is a requirement for driving cars etc. but the point is you need a mental savings account that your regularly maintain because there is no insurance against depression, anxiety, and other dark thoughts that often can send us into a spiral of darkness.

It is believed by may of the top psychologists that depression can not be thought out of intellectually by saying such things as there is nothing wrong or life will be great tomorrow.  The only real way is to try and remember a time in the past when you were not depressed and by remembering that time vividly you can then slowly come out of the depression.

This becomes much easier if you have good memories to recall.  Practice remembering good times when you are not depressed and the memories will be easier to come by when you are.  Give yourself some insurance against a really bad day by developing a life line of good memories to help you over the rough spots.  You will still have some dark moments but they will be less sever, less often, and less crippling to your pursuit of happiness.
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