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We all follow cycles of physical, emotion and intellect which are commonly known as bio-rhythms.  While the pop culture variety of reading bio-rhythms is a scam and completely unreliable, that does not mean that bio-rhythms are not real.  If you were in the care of a qualified doctor who had the right equipment and you were monitored for a few months at least once a week you would discover that you indeed do have physical, emotional and intellectual cycles and they are very regular and independent of environmental influences. 

If, for example, you were at the top of your emotional curve and someone cut in front of you in line, then you would be a little less happy but not apt to explode.  On the other hand if you were at the bottom of the cycle then you would have great deal of trouble handling the anger and or depression that this person is causing you.  If you are at your physical or mental peak at the same time then you might not even notice or care about such things as cheaters.

So the thing is, these cycles do occur, even though you do not know how often or at what point of the cycles you are in, and they do have a profound influence on your daily life.  You can make pretty good guesses as you where you are and how many of these cycles are occurring at the same time because sometimes nothing seems to go your way and at others everything just falls into place.

The real thing to know here is that really bad times will be followed by much better times a couple of weeks later and really good times will always be followed by really challenging times a couple weeks later.  Just being aware of bio-rhythms will give you a better sense of control over your life.  The more you study this subject the happier you are likely to become.

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