72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 70 Nature





You can not fool mother nature.  The laws of cause and effect are applied equally to everything and everyone.  No matter how powerful and rich you are, death awaits you as surely as it does the homeless.  Everyone must breath and eat and there is no negotiation or deal that can change that fact.  Gravity cannot be ignored or confused. 

Like wise there can only be happiness if there is sorrow.  You can only have love if there is hate.  You can only have success if there is a chance of failure.  You cannot be happy every hour of every day because you would soon stop appreciating what you have and your happiness would simply vanish.

When you feel doubt or negative feelings, when you are down and out then remind yourself that these times are necessary if want to feel elation and happiness.  But at the same time be aware that while falling to the bottom is easy, going to the top of the pile takes work and an understanding of how to get there.
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