72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 7 Order





Life should not be random and disjointed.  This causes chaos, turmoil and confusion. In order to find happiness we must first organize ourselves and bring order into our lives.  Scientists tell us that everything physical eventually undergoes decay and degeneration. 

Our minds on the other hand are not physical and do not need to follow the same path.  We may be very tempted to allow entropy because of the over whelming temptation to just do nothing about it.  Why are we so easily fooled into complacency and unhappiness when all we need to do is make good choices?  Everyone says they want to control their lives and be free but will almost always simply choose the easiest, laziest pathway which allows them to be controlled by everything and everyone else.

The answer is we mistake easy with better.  We do not get the idea that choice requires careful consideration.  We think following is safer because we did not consider that the one we are following is probably doing the easy lazy thing and we do not have to take as much responsibility for following.

We are frightened to be responsible because we fear we may make a mistake.  And we are probably right because most of our actions have not been considered carefully.  Lazy people make lots of mistakes.  With this kind of fear, no wonder we can not find happiness.

Compare an average man's mind to an average chicken's mind.  It is clear that man is vastly more intelligent than a bird.  The truth is we take our own intelligence completely for granted most of the time.  The average man can think logically but the most sophisticated computers still cannot make the simplest of decisions.  You can do it, no one can stop you, you can bring order to your life by simply choosing to make carefully thought out decisions.

Many of you have used your mind so sparingly and reactively that you are not sure if you will know a good choice when you see it.  Read a few good books on self improvement.  Or just learn how to do something new.  Any time you step out of the routine and change your habits while being proactive your mind is doing mental exercises and is tuning up with order and happiness.

I would suggest reading the secret named Help if you find this secret too difficult to follow.
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