72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 52 Passion
As written
 2000 years ago.





Passion is defined in the dictionary as any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.   There are other meanings as well but powerful and compelling emotion is the theme of this secret.

To be happy you must want or desire happiness.  To be really happy you must be passionate about happiness.  Why it is so difficult to desire or be passionate about being happy?

All human beings are lazy by nature and if not for hunger or our intellect we would happily just sit around doing nothing all day.  Hunger motivates us to get up and find some food.  Of course if someone were kind enough to bring us food we would be perfectly satisfied to just continue sitting while we eat.

 Happiness is not be a gift, it must be earned, but if the work you do to earn it is out of obligation or if you really are not into the work then the happiness you receive will be very limited.

Like watching a baseball game, if you are not rooting for one of the teams and it is the only thing to watch, how much fun is watching it?  But if you know the team and the players, and take a real interest in the game, it can be thrilling to watch.

If you read the secret named Stuck, then you can begin to find your way back to happiness.  You can once again become passionate about life.
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