72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 9 Stay on the Path





Focus on your goals and what that means.  Superstition, bad habits, harmful relationships, carelessness, and all manor of distraction are always lurking, ready to take you off the path towards happiness.

If you must catch a flight and you decide to read a book while waiting and if reading a book puts you to sleep so that you miss your flight, what went wrong?  Lots of people read books while waiting for things and many people get sleepy and fall asleep while reading.  Actions do not have to be bad to cause bad results.  You must be always aware of distractions that can take you off of the path to happiness and prosperity.

Most of the time distractions have more influence on your subconscious.  You may not even be aware of the negative influence that these distractions can have.  A popular name for this is type of information is subliminal messages or images.  These messages are sometimes created on purpose but mostly just occur naturally.  They are hidden because we do not notice them and because we lose focus on important thoughts simply by relaxing.

It is not important how distractions and our unconscious occur and interact.  They are an almost endless part of everyday life.  What is important is that you are aware of distractions and the problems they may cause, and that when you must get something important done; then you really need to focus on your objective and clear your mind of all distractions that are always present.

There is a lot more to this than can be explained here, but you need to be aware that most of your thoughts and beliefs were simply told to you and you did not question them.  Now you believe you came up with the ideas and do not question their truth.  You will never know happiness until you begin to research your thinking and come up with your own conclusions.  Start asking yourself several times a day, "Is that true or did I just accept it as truth?"

Most people will discover that they are living in a movie made up by others and not necessarily staring you or concerned about your welfare.  Take control of your movie, stay on the path, be happy!
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