72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 47 World Peace





War springs from tyranny, peace from grass roots movement.  Power and corruption lead to chaos and death, self examination and self improvement lead to grass roots harmony and peace.

You are the people, you are to culture, you are the cause of everything because there is no one person that represents our harmony, cooperation, and convictions.  We collectively effect everything and we are each and every one part of civilization or chaos.

Take a simple example of traffic lights.  Without them there would be chaos, we understand and obey the law and not just because we are afraid of tickets.  Actually the tickets are more about revenue for the city than civil order.  We are civilized and follow the rules because we all benefit.  Some will always break the rules but you will find that they are always the real losers at the end of the day.

If you start cheating every once in a while then you would find that everyone will start cheating a little, that is what happens in New York City at the cross walks.  There is a kind of civil disobedience and because of that New York has one of the largest number of vehicle/pedestrian accidents.

The moral is that to change the world you must first change yourself and by example help others to change themselves.  That kind of thinking will eventually save the world while activism only adds to the chaos.
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