72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 61 Purify





To purify water is to remove all the chemicals, minerals and bacteria from it leaving only pure water.  Our bodies are over 65% water and second only to air, the most important to human survival.  We can live for months without food but only a couple of weeks without water.

It seems obvious that pure water is better for us because there is no telling what harm unpurified water may do to us.  In third world countries many children die each year simply because they do not have a source of pure water.

Purity is simple not complex and has definite understandable properties good and bad.  Pure evil is as easy to understand as pure love.  Our minds have an easier time comprehending and making decisions on clear meaning so it makes sense that overly complicated and convoluted life styles are often the source of unhappiness and confusion.

When someone or some group has overly complex rules and guidelines then you should be wary of becoming too influenced because, too complex, is equal to confusion and chaos.  Keep your life simple and your mind will be much clearer.  There is of course a balance, as with all things, because extreme simplicity is also bad;  it does not exercise our minds and allows us to become lazy.

We can all find the balance easily because all humans have a sense of what makes the most sense and if you pay attention to that inner voice of reason you can find the middle ground.
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