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Secret 31 Quit





Why do we quit?  It stems from frustration, doubt, laziness, fear and forgetfulness.  Quitting is always the easies path because it only requires giving up and not working to achieve a goal.  The thing is that happiness is a goal that requires work - not giving up.  You can only feel accomplishment and satisfaction from positive action and the harder you had to work for it the longer it lasts and the more you benefit from the effort.

Usually the obstacles that make us want to quit are an illusion cleverly disguise to look like unmovable objects.  Once you have reached the goal you often wonder why you ever doubted yourself because it was not as difficult as you imagined at the beginning.  And the rewards are always greater than you ever thought they would be.

If you just cannot find the motivation then you may be stuck and Secret 2 Stuck can help you get moving again.  Just remember this one phrase, Quitters never win and winners never quit!

Not only will you achieve more and be more successful in everything, but you will have more happiness than you believe possible if you simply never quit and always finish what you start.  The caveat to this is, carefully consider what you wish to do and be sure you have the time and energy before taking on lofty goals.  They call those people work alcoholics and folks without a life.
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