72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 28 Relations





We live in two parallel universes.  One is purely physical while the other is totally mental.  Happiness is not a physical thing it dwells in the mind and cannot be counted or weighed.

People are physically all around us each day but they are not physically our friends or enemies, but emotionally every human feels something about everyone they come in contact with and they make decisions based on the mental relationships that we all create in our minds.

This is why concepts like truth and love are so hard to define and understand.  They are not properties of the physical universe and are understood and interpreted by every person slightly differently.  So a good relationship is in the eye of the beholder.

Most certainly the physical and the mental interact and have effects on one another.  The mind can invent new physical things and a black eye can alter your mental state.  The point is that there are large differences in how we understand what is going on in each realm.

You can be quite certain of how gravity works but have a real problem with understanding love.  But just like gravity the mental or emotional world has rules and laws that govern them.  If you lie all the time nobody will believe anything you say.  If you hate everyone and everything you will not be loved.  If you think money and power can buy you happiness, then you are obviously not rich or powerful because then you would understand why happiness is not for sale.

Loving relationships are built on giving without strings or expectations.  There must be enough trust and respect to maintain a relationship and each person in the relationship has to work at it and not take it for granted. 

Harmful relationships are much easier to have and kill personal happiness.  They start with conditions and lies or misunderstandings and often require physical separation to get over.  If it seems like you are always in harmful relationships and never loving ones, then you do not know or understand emotional laws.  In the physical world it would be like you failed to understand that jumping off a tall building is harmful to your health.

Learn to be honest and give without expectation and you will have more friends and more happiness than you ever believed possible.  You may need to read and learn several of the other 72 secrets depending on your understanding of emotional rules.  This secret is a check point or awakening to problems that you may be having which keeps you from being happy.
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