72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 1 Awaken Remorse

As written
 2000 years ago.





Our minds have a difficult time connecting good actions with rewards and bad actions with punishment but there is a direct link.  The problem is that there is a large delay between the action and the result, it can often be days, months or years.  Many would call this karma or what goes around comes around, but however you think about it does not matter, because cause and effect are real.  Just ask any scientist and they will tell you everything in the universe uses this principal.

Being aware of this we can now see that everything in our past is effecting our present and everything we do now will influence our future.  If one were really evil a few years back then one should be worried about their future punishment.  Fortunately, there is a meditation we all can do which has a positive effect on bad past behaviors.

You must awaken remorse by remembering the bad things you said about someone, or the item you may have stolen, or what ever negative actions you took and be truly sorry for these actions.  It does not matter whether it was someone else's fault, it only matters that this negative energy needs to be released or it will surely bring un-happiness into your life.

This is not about undoing bad or finding the person you harmed and asking for forgiveness.  What it is about is of a personal nature and your consciousness.  When you harm others, you also harm yourself and you need to fix this injury to find happiness.  After fixing the problem in yourself you may find it necessary to ask for forgiveness from others, but it must start from within. 
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