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This is one of the toughest to understand and one of the hardest to do.  It is the new years eve resolution.  You must decide to change your course and be a better person and then you must actually do the work and have the patients to complete the transformation.

Why is that tough to understand?  It has two really though opponents. Laziness and Time.  It takes work for months or even years and very few of us have the patients for anything over an hour or two.  So we say to ourselves, I'm not such a bad guy and my habits are not that bad so why should I change.  Who says I should change anyway and besides I could never succeed anyway because I do not have the patients.

Let look at an example.  You make a friend and soon become a close friend with someone that you can tell anything to and whom you really like to hang out with and talk to.  But soon you realize he is loosing interest in you because you never leave tips and he is beginning to think you are not all that nice.

Inevitably the friendship weakens and soon you are again alone and friendless in the world.  You cannot believe something so stupid and trivial as leaving or not leaving a tip could effect your friendship so you determine to find a friend next time who shares your belief about not tipping.

No one is going to ever be exactly like you and think exactly like you so you either have to stop looking for such a person or be willing to change a little so that others will accept and like you.  That requires paying attention to relationships and being willing to change for the better if necessary.

And there is the catch.  What does, change for the better, really mean?  It certainly does not mean go on a killing spree to becomes friends with a killer.  We all have a thing called common sense and doing the right thing is not rocket science.  So long as you do not need to rationalize your actions and twist the truth so that others can see the good in our actions, then you are on the right path.

The moral of the story is that even though none of us like to change, there really is no getting around it.  The more things you find to change, and the harder you work at making those changes, the more everyone will like you.  If you are content to just be yourself then you will be alone and by yourself, those are your choices.
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