72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 65 Respect





Respect is not an action it is an emotional understanding of life.  It is being humble in the greater scheme of things and understanding that we cannot change basic physical and emotion laws but must learn to live with them.

Being defiant and saying I do not believe in gravity so I will not abide by it's laws is obviously foolish thinking and while standing on a high ledge could be a deadly attitude because you are not respectful of the law of gravity.

You must respect others or they will not respect you, you must not run every stop sign or you will end up dead or in jail.  The more physical and emotional laws you learn and resolve to respect, the easier it will be to go through life and find happiness.

Swimming up stream is possible, but unless it is some kind of fitness training it will not get you anywhere quick, while swimming down stream uses a physical law to get you there quicker and with less effort.
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