72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 41 Self





Self is trump card.  We all have self but constantly under estimate it's power and often cheat ourselves by refusing to let it help us overcome daily obstacles to success and happiness.  What is Self?

Unless you were unfortunate at birth and did not get an average brain, then you are smarter than the most powerful computers on earth today or anytime in the near future.  You can see extremely high resolution images in real time, while processing music, language, and background sounds - all while touching, smelling, thinking, writing and feeling depressed.  It makes non believers wonder how such abilities developed in the first place.

Yet with all this brilliance and brain power we lazily believe we cannot control our own destinies.  We hope that others will take care of us and blame others when life is not going our way.  Wake up, nobody is going to do anything for you except maybe your mother and she has her limits.  You need to plan, work, and be responsible for yourSELF.  

Have some faith in your abilities because they are awesome and the only difference between you and the guy who has it all is understanding how to tap into your own self and it's amazing skills.  It is often said that, 'Losers never finish and winner never quit.'  This saying is not just cute or poetic; it is an absolute fact of life discovered thousands of years ago and still 100% in effect today.

Anyone can have self esteem if they want and nobody can stop you from getting it except you!  There is nobody to blame and no law against having or practicing it.  Make a decision to take control of your Self image and you are well on your way to success and great happiness. 
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