72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 23 Sharing





Ever watch a movie all by yourself, you probably would have enjoyed it a lot more if you could have watched it with a friend.  Sharing is similar to giving because when two or more people share experiences then they each get more out of the experience than they would have alone.

Sharing involves a certain level of bonding to another person and if you have no friends or family then you have a deeper problem which must be solved first.  If this is your present state then you should read Secret 12 Love .  First you must learn to Like, and Love yourself then it will be easy to make friends with others.

Sharing is another word for healthy team work, problems can be solved easier, and life can be enjoyed more fully with the help of your friends and family.  So it makes sense that you should want to expand your circle of friends so that you can share more.

This is one of those cases where even though we know what the right thing is to do, we have a great deal of trouble doing it.  We are born takers not givers and sharing is opposite of taking.  Our gut instinct tells us not to share, that is our reactive nature and if you are human then you will always react first and think later.  Me must do it to survive because if you step in front of an on coming bus you better react fast without the time to think or it's lights out.

So sharing is a pro-active behavior that you have to think about.  If you have not read the Four Simple Steps in  Secret 2 Stuck then go there now because learned to be pro-active is the first and most important tool you can use to learn how to share.

As you can see sharing is dependent on liking yourself and learning pro-active behaviour so it is a higher level tool which can add a richer deeper sense of  happiness to your life even if you already have learned the happiness possible from the two basic building blocks about love and reaction.

Sharing also takes more effort than some of other tools but will pay off big time not just for you but for everyone that will share your generosity and warmth.  Making others happy goes beyond just plain happiness to thrilling, fulfilling, long lasting, satisfying, happiness.
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