72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 64 Shine





If you want to be happy then everyone around you needs to see only your strengths and goodness.  If you act depressed they will reflect the depression back at you.  If you are dishonest they will not trust you and even try to take advantage of you.  If you have nothing good to say about anything then your conversations will all end badly with everyone you talk to.

On the other hand if you at least pretend to be up beat and happy and optimistic everyone will enjoy your company and have good feelings toward you.  When this happens your act becomes your reality and happiness will follow.

Same goes for your thoughts, if all you think about is what can and will go wrong then guess what you will be looking for all the bad things that happen and miss any good things.  If on the other hand you are hopeful and optimistic that opportunities and good things can happen at any time; then your mind is focused more on finding and seeing the opportunities and you do not notice or become fixated on the negative that is always present as well.
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