72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 6 Sleep





There are two separate realities in our life.  One is purely physical and we use our five senses to experience sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound.  The other is pure mental; here we contemplate on the meaning of life and dream of places and things we want to visit or own.  When we were young children our imaginations was very strong and active because the world was a mystery and every day was an adventure.

During our waking hours we mostly just try to keep up with our five senses.  There is so much noise, and information, and things to look at, not to mention taste, touch, and smells that we do not spend a lot of time in thought, we mostly just react to life as it happens.  Sure we do some thinking and planning but even this mental process is competing with all our senses unless we are meditating.  But even meditation is a small part of our day.

At night the five senses shut down and we are left with our thoughts and memories.  There are no distractions, no agenda, no schedule, and no structure.  Dreams seem to be just random and sometime seem very real and other times complete fiction.

It is important to remember and think about your dreams when ever you can because they will tell you things about yourself.  If for instance you are a very loving and caring person you can expect not to have night mares.  This is because in order to be loving and caring you first need to love and care about yourself.  It is impossible to like others of you do not like yourself.

If on the other hand you have trouble sleeping and have night mares and do not wake refreshed then there are some problems in your awake life that you need to attend to.  These two examples are showing the extremes and do not speak of the reasons that these extremes exist, but they illustrate how dreams can show us how well be are using our minds while we are awake or how poorly.

Here is a hint that will start you toward restful sleep and no night mares.  Be proactive not reactive!  Being reactive is easy, in fact it is downright lazy.  Being proactive requires work and discipline and effort, but the rewards are significant and lasting happiness is easy if you are proactive.  Being reactive is what everyone does most of the time and it creates chaos, misery, jealousy, hatred, and night mares.  There is no lasting happiness to a purely reactive individual and they rarely sleep well either.
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