72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 2 Stuck in a Rut
As written
 2000 years ago.





We may find ourselves stuck without energy, feeling empty and sapped of energy.  What we need is a boost to get us back on track.  The reason we are stuck is the result of prolonged reaction.

What does this mean?  Well we all react every day all the time.  When someone cuts in line we get angry.  When someone keeps us waiting we feel unhappy.  If the weather is bad we feel bad.  Pure reactions make us feel selfish, intolerant, angry, afraid, and many other negative feelings.

All these negative feelings when not resolved get us down and feeling un-happy.  We need a plan of action that will prevent this from destroying our lives.  A plan that when followed will immediately begin to lift our spirit and get us back on track.

The secret is to identify all reactions immediately.  We cannot stop reacting it is instinct that we need to survive harm, but we need to identify harmful reactions quickly.  You may have hear your mother say just count to 10 when you are angry and then you will be able to calm down.

If you follow four simple steps you will be well on your way to happiness.  They are -

1. Learn to quickly  recognize all reactions and identify them as such..
2. Ask yourself if the reaction was going to be helpful to you or harmful.
3. Consider how else you may be able to handle the current situation.
4. Be proactive by making a choice instead of a mindless reaction.

Now the right thing might be to punch the guy out, but it will be because of your consideration and judgment not your automatic reaction.  Truth is 99% of the time you will not go with your first reaction and will come up with a much better solution.

Here is an example.  Someone passes you on the right side and then cuts you off getting into your lane.  It is illegal in many states and cutting in line if very rude behavior so you get angry and start shouting at the driver.  If you had recognized that you were about to react very badly you could have identified that your stress and blood pressure were going to suffer and the guy will most likely not know or care about how you feel.  So knowing that you might think it better to not get angry and save yourself the additional harm that you were about to do to yourself.  Sometime one really bad reaction can ruin an entire day, so why give that power to a stranger cutting in line?

Besides soon or later his bad behavior will catch up to him.  See Remorse to find out why.
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