72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 63 Thank





There was a pop song that said, "you don't know what you have until it gone."  You do not cherish your health until you do not have it.  Most of the good in our lives is taken for granted and years later when some or most of these things often vanish like youth, then we suddenly long for and wish we had the very things we did not appreciate the first time around.

Why wait until something is gone to appreciate it why not reflect on the good in your life and give thanks for it even if it does not seem to be enough.  The magic is that when you give thanks for what you have, then suddenly you find that you have all you need and more.

When I say thanks, I do not mean prayer or a belief that some supernatural power must be thanked.  It simply means take the time to reflect on what you have, instead of constantly thinking about what you do not have.  Seems almost too simple but it works.
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