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We all know a white lie from a dishonest fib because we all have a sense of honesty that we were born with and when we see dishonesty even in ourselves we instantly recognize it.  Often if you tell a lie you are filled with a sense of shame or fear of being discovered.  What more proof do you need that lying is not the way to happiness.

It is unfortunate that once labeled as unreliable or dishonest, one may never regain the confidence of friends and family so lying is risky and dangerous, yet we all engage in it occasionally.  We are all so concerned about how we are perceived that we often exaggerate about our education, work, and worth.

And then there is the natural laziness and cowardice that most humans suffer from.  It is much easier to tell someone what you think they want to hear than confront them with the truth.  We get away with it much to often and that is the real problem.  Often we do not see the consequence of our act and even think we are cleaver when we get away with it.

Like any bad habit, if you lie regularly, then when you need to tell the truth you may go into auto pilot and simply tell a lie even if telling the truth would be just as easy.  Eventually you will be discovered and then you will have to work much harder if you are ever to gain confidence from your friends and family.

As I said, we all do it, even people who think they are always honest, do it.  So there is no shame but you should pay attention to it and try to catch yourself even before the lie.  You will find that your relationship with friends and family get better because even when they cannot be sure you are lying it still effects the level of honesty you project.

Relationships such a marriage are based primarily on trust so if the trust level goes down then the love suffers as well.  Being more honest is detectable by everyone around you on a subconscious level that makes them like or love you more.  Being honest will make you like yourself more and can help you be a better worker, spouse or friend.  As always it is not the easy thing to do but the rewards are much greater and the only way to have long lasting genuine happiness.
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